Jinrenfeng ceramics is located in the porcelain capital of China Chaozhou City, is a collection research, development, production, processing, sales as one of
professional manufacturer of ceramic. We use high temperature tunnel kiln fired ceramics, good quality, high capacity, highly market competitiveness. 
According to modern consumer demand for sanitary simplicity of daily tableware, special launched the glaze color porcelain. Gold profit under glaze color 
porcelain in the lead-free, bright color, glazed bright characteristics by the introduction of a favored by daily-use porcelain market. At the same time, our 
factory has been adhering to the integrity of the operation, the price is reasonable, outstanding quality, service close business philosophy, to win the new 

and old customers alike. High temperature firing classic, wonderful source of glaze. Jin Runfeng ceramics, your best choice.